Adwords is a complex beast…

It contains a huge amount of functionality, targeting and data for interpretation. Understanding that Adwords is not something that we can “set it and forget it” platform is the first thing that should be understood before considering any campaign.

Our team stay up to date on updates, AI changes and new features, so our clients are on the cutting edge of Google’s newest and most exciting developments. All our accounts are monitored daily with campaign and/or website optimisations happening at least once per week.

Fact 1 – “Cost Per Click Can Vary By Up To 100% Between Accounts”

A account with a 1/10 quality score on a keyword will pay 100% for the same click than an account with a 10/10 quality score. It’s the difference between paying €12 for every click, or €6. Consistency between your keywords, ads and website is the best way to improve your quality score.

Fact 2 – “Only 1% of SMEs Update their Ad Account Regularly”

Only 1 in 100 Ad Accounts are updated following the guideline of optimising their account at least once per week. Our team monitor each account multiple times per week to make sure your campaigns are working at maximum capacity.

Fact 3 – “Businesses average $2 in returns for every $1 They Spend”

The aggregate ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) across Google is 100%. We try to target a 300-500% ROAS for our clients in their first 12 months. 

Fact 4  – “45.5% of People Can’t Tell The Difference Between Organic And Paid Results”

The non-tech savvy don’t fully understand the difference between organic and paid results in Google. 

Fact 5 – “72% of Adwords Advertisers plan to increase their budgets in the next 12 months”

In a 2020 survey, over 72% of all Adwords users said they planning to increase their Adwords budget in 2021. An incredible statistic. It’s an excellent investment, and 72% of people agree.

Interpretation of the Stats

We can see from the above stats that Adwords provides a substantial ROI to advertisers, even though most are not properly set up and optimised. Speak with us today and see how we can help improve the performance of your campaigns and improve your ROI.

James Dorrian Solicitor Marketing and Website Design

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