Building customer trust online is much harder than in person when customers and staff can see each other face to face. Online trading is faceless which makes building trust that much harder. You can spend all the money you want on digital marketing but if users don’t trust you, that money will not convert into sales. 

Brand perceptions are made at every touch point a person has with your brand. Therefore it is important to be consistent and put effort into every aspect of your digital marketing strategy

Build brand trust with online reviews

Online reviews are perhaps the single most important thing when it comes to building brand trust online. The more positive reviews the better. 

There are some businesses that have scammed their way to getting fake reviews, such as the VICE reporter who tricked trip advisor into making him the top ranked restaurant on trip advisor in London. Despite not actually ever even opening for service. 

However, despite review scams that may occur, reviews are generally a trusted space where users can get a better understanding of the true experience or service quality.

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Build trust with a Quality Website

A business could put all the measures possible into creating brand trust, but if you don’t have a well developed and designed website, people will struggle to trust your site as reliable and safe. 

When it comes to building a trustworthy website design, hosting and website security should all be taken into account.

Website Design

Have you ever searched for a website and found a website that looked like it was from the early days of the internet? This is an automatic red flag for any website as it indicates a number of things:

  1. The website my no longer be operational 
  2. The website may not be secure 
  3. The company is a budget company with low quality products / services

Having a professional designed website is key for creating trust with users. It is important to update the design of your website frequently to avoid your site looking outdated. 

Design a professional website with Quick Media

Website hosting and security

Slow websites are annoying for the user. When users make a search they want the result right away. Making users wait on your website can have negative implications on your website trust. 

Website speed also indicates poor website hosting. Poor hosting generally means there is a lack of website security which will make buying from that website a major risk.

Design a professional website with Quick Media

Build brand trust with high Google ranking

Search Engine optimization is determined based on how trustworth and relevant Google thinks your website is. If google deems a website unsafe, it will not rank it on the first page of google unless there are no other relevant search results. 

Google rankings can be influenced by the amount of content you have on the area of business who operate in. This content can also be viewed by users who are looking to learn more. Being the source of information your customers are learning from is a great way to be perceived as an expert in the area. 

Social Media

Love it or hate it but social media is great for brands. Not only is it a cheap and effective way to showcase your product or service, but it is also a great way to connect with your customers. 

Interacting with clients on social media is the best way to humanize your online operation. It shows that there are actual people working that care about you and the product or service. TikTok is a trending way that brands are communicating to their customers, usually through humor. 

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Social media influencers

Influencers are often used as a way to build trust with social media users. Social media users see their favorite athletes, actors, singers, models and content creators using products and services and are able to see the quality of the product or service in action. 

Want to improve your companies brand trust online

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