Q: What do people do when they need information in today’s modern world?

A: They turn to Google.

Google Adwords allows companies to get their offer in front of customers at the perfect time. It is the best tool imaginable for creating high-quality enquiries from people who NEED a service, but who have not yet decided WHO will provide it.

Below are 3 examples of how we work for our clients to generate business in the areas they are interested in.

1. Plumber Case Study

A plumber from Dublin wanted to generate new customers for his business in his local service area in North Dublin. He wanted to focus on 4 main search types:

  • Emergency plumbing
  • Toilet / shower / bathroom plumbing
  • Pipe leak / general leak detection
  • Plumber near me

His ads were targeted only at people in his service area of Dublin, and a 10 mile radius from the city. With an estimated search volume of 2,200 per month. In the first 6 months, we generated 50 enquiries at a monthly cost of €550, with a return of 300%, plus the recurring business generated from this client-base expansion. We also set up an online facility for his out of hours emergency plumbing services, meaning that people pay a callout charge before they make contact.

2. Solicitor Case Study

A Galway-based firm want to generate more enquiries for their most lucrative service, personal injury claims. We focused on 4 main areas:

  • General Personal Injury
  • Back, neck & spinal injuries
  • Car accidents
  • Workplace claims

The ads are targeted nationwide, but with particular emphasis on Galway. These search areas were highly competitive, so to make sure we maximised the conversion rate from relevant enquiries, we used a quiz-funnel. The quiz funnel extracts key information about the incident, and offers a cost & commitment free consultation once they have completed the quiz.

In our first 12 months with this client, we’ve scaled to an average of 6-8 new cases per month, grossing the firm over €15,000 per month, and representing a 350% ROI.

3. Mortgage Case Study

A Limerick financial service company were interested in growing their mortgage business. They had 5 dedicated brokers and they wanted to generate as many new mortgage applications as possible. Our initial budget was €3,000 per month, and after 12 months we had over 82 approved mortgage applications in our pipeline.

The ROI was over 683%, and next year (2021) we’re set to quadruple their budget and expand into a range of new advertising mediums.

Could it work for your business?

AdWords works for any industry where the client knows they require a product or service, but they do not know who will provide the service to them.

Here at BeQuick, it is our job to find people who need services and direct them to your business. We consult with potential clients free of charge to see if they could be a good fit for Adwords marketing.

Google Adwords is the best way to start this journey as it has the highest success rate of all marketing platforms. Over the coming months and years, the biggest players in every industry will continue to invest in Adwords to generate scaleable revenue streams for their key products and services.

James Dorrian Solicitor Marketing and Website Design

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