It doesn’t make a difference what your industry is, or what products and services you offer – digital marketing patterns can’t be disregarded. Not very far in the past, companies required little more than a site and a Facebook page. However, now the digital scene is developing so rapidly that it’s difficult to keep up. 

At this point, there aren’t many fruitful companies that don’t have a strong online presence. In 2020, new advances and instruments will go to the front, driving advertisers to adjust so as to keep their organisations at the top. 

All things considered, Digital Darwinism is an unforgiving reality. On the off chance that you don’t adjust, you’ll most likely be abandoned. Read on to find the digital marketing trends to be aware of in 2020 and learn a few tricks to keep your business ahead of the game. 

1. Facebook Has An Older Audience.

Facebook is no longer the boss in the social networking world. As indicated by Forbes, almost 25% of Facebook’s clients are beyond 65 years old. While it is in no way, shape or form dead, Facebook is unmistakably losing ground with its more youthful demographics, who generally favour the more visual, interactive platforms offered by Instagram, Snapchat, and the rising star, TikTok

So, what does this trend mean for your business? Not all businesses are well suited to visual formats, but consider what services your business is offering that may be well suited to visual storytelling to the younger, more easily influenced audience. 

Fig. 1 – Facebook User Demographics

Fig. 2 – Instagram User Demographics

2. Instagram is a Hit with the Kids

Instagram’s explosive ascent has just observed its user base surpass one billion, an incredible accomplishment. This enormous user base makes Instagram the 3rd largest social media platform (following Facebook and YouTube). 

Interestingly for business owners and marketers, the vast majority of its 1 billion clients are in their youth, with over 70% of users found to be under 35. Facebook is losing that demographic, because of its notoriety for being the social media platform for “elderly individuals.” 

3. Chat Bots Will Dominate Customer Service

Chat bots are AI algorithms that goes about as a virtual “attendant”, speaking with clients and helping them reach their goals. Chat bots communicate with people in a characteristic manner, using friendly textual responses to (hopefully) answer your customers’ questions. Chat bots can be seen on Facebook pages and on websites in the form of live chat windows. 

After some time on your site, as the framework gathers more information experiences, the AI gets familiar with the clients, making it conceivable to offer a consistently improving help. 

So, why should you consider using chat bots? Here are the 3 big reasons why:

1 – Most customers have the same questions, so setting up a chat bot is quick and easy.

2 – Chat bots make your business “interactive”, allowing your customers to quickly open a dialog with your company to see if your a good fit. This will increase your conversion rate (the rate at which customers contact your business).

3 – The chat bot improves over time. The sooner you implement your chat bot, the sooner it can improve. Using past customer questions is the best way to train your bot and help it solve more customer concerns without taking up any real employee time

4.Video is No Longer Optional

In the event that your business isn’t as of now utilising video advertising, you ought to jump aboard this year. Text-based substance essentially can’t rival the intensity of video, particularly with regards to attempting to sell items and services on your company website. 

How can you use video for your business?

On our web design page under the case studies section, you will see we use video to showcase some of our client work. Video content is the easiest to consume of all multimedia, the combination of video and sound keeps visitors engaged and alert. A 90 second video can often contain more information than a long, descriptive blog post. Check out this case study which uses video to quickly give our potential clients a feel for the quality of work we offer. Watch one of our web design case study videos

Fig. 3 – Custom Video Content


I wanted to review a few of the trends that are effecting how and where we communicate with customers in our increasing digital age. This quick article is the first of a series of interesting pieces on the future of Web Design in Ireland and the future of Digital Marketing. 

James Dorrian Solicitor Marketing and Website Design

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