Hosting & Support

Your business is on a digital journey. We’re partners for life and manage every aspect of your online operations.

Support Services


Register, renew and manage your company’s domains.


Custom email addresses managed through our Google partner program.


Host your websites, renew SSL certificates and manage DNS records.


Keep your website, themes, plugins, widgets and CMS versions up to date.


We offer data encryption, data management, firewall protection and spam filters.


Depending on the frequency of content, we offer daily, weekly and monthly backups.

Edits & Addons

Websites never stop developing. We’re here to do whatever you need.


When things don’t go according to plan, we’ll get your site back up and running.

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How much does maintenance cost?

We only price by the resources used (hosting/email/domains) and the number of hours spent (maintenance/updates/backups).

If you would like to get an exact price, drop us an email to

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