In today’s tech-driven world, an increasing number of industries are using the internet as their primary source of generating new business. We all know the advantages of generating new business through word of mouth and referrals. However, if you rely on these channels as your primary source of generating new business you are leaving yourself vulnerable with no backup plan.

“25% of users click the first search result”

Why SEO alone isn’t good enough

When people search for legal services, it generally means that something has just happened. These users will take to google to make a search that looks something similar to “personal injury solicitors near me”. Following this search users will most likely click into the top two or three results.

No matter how structured your SEO strategy is, you will not appear above google ads. Even for direct searches that include your practice name and service, Google Ads will often appear first.

While SEO is still important to maintain long-term success in your specialised field and location, it can often be not enough if there are other competitors using google ads in your area. Furthermore, the time and financial investment required are often prohibitive for smaller firms. 

Why ignoring Google Ads will make your firm non-competitive

If you are a solicitor that doesn’t have a Google Ads campaign, I would like to challenge you to a test. Search your practice name followed by “Personal Injury (or your main area of expertise) and see if you are the first result.

As long as there are competitors in your area who have a Google ad campaign, you are not going to appear as the first result. Users may be looking for your practice and end up on the wrong website.

“Only half of searchers can identify a google ad from an organic search result”

How much do google ads cost and what results can I expect?

The cost of a Google Ad campaign has many factors depending on the competitiveness of the practice area in which you are advertising. For example, if you are advertising the term “corporate law” in Dublin City, there is going to be a lot more competition than there would be for “farmland conveyancing”.  Competitiveness can also depend on your region. The more Solicitors in your area, the higher the cost will be. However, your results should match the premium.

As a reference, BeQuick Media work with many solicitors who focus on Personal Injury for their Google Ads. These clients can expect to close speak with a qualified client for under €80. 


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