You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint and the same goes for your website. Good Web Design is as methodical as building a house (but thankfully, a little easier!)

In this series of blog posts, I help you understand what needs to be done to create the core structure for your website, and understand the underlying rationale.

In this post, we are going to concentrate on the “Services Page” and what goes into creating an effective service page for your business website.

How to create the perfect Service Page(s) for your website

After finding out who you are on the about page users will then want to find out what you do. The answer to this question will be briefly mentioned on the home page but will be explained in full on the service page.

When hovering over the service page icon on the website’s navigation bar, many sites use a drop-down menu. This allows users who see the services your company offers and select the service they need. Having a well-structured website means users can access the information they need immediately.

Many websites are moving away from having a main services page and instead having a unique page for each service. An example of how this can be seen on our own website BeQuick Media. As your homepage summarises the services you offer to clients, there is no need for another general services page. If you effectively outline your services on your home page, users will often have no need to visit another page outlining all available services.

However, in some cases, users will want to learn about the range of services available. These users will be able to click directly on the service page. This page will outline all the services available with an introduction to each service. This can be done effectively by utilising images and video to demonstrate the service. An example of a website that has an effective services page is Orbit Security.

In Conclusion

The goal of your services page(s) is to give users a clear understanding of the services you provide. Be sure to outline your unique selling points which can separate you from the competition.

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