You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint and the same goes for your website. Good Web Design is as methodical as building a house.

In this series of blog posts, I am going to help you better understand what needs to be done before any technical website development begins. In this post we are going to concentrate on the “About Page” and what goes into creating an effective about page for your website. 

How to create the perfect about page for your website

The about page is the second most visited page on your website after your homepage. It is where people go to find out more information about your business and your team. On the home page, you want to give users a quick and effective explanation of who you are and what you do, while on the about page you should provide more a full description of your business, background and team. If you have any relevant qualifications or experience this is the page to mention that. 

The about page is a great way to help build your brand positioning. If you have converted a user from the home page to the about page that means you have captured their attention. Now it is time to reinforce and improve upon the positive perception they already have of you or your business. Give them any reasons they need to choose you over a competitor. Users may be looking for professionalism or personality. It is up to you to decide what your customers want.

If you are a company that has a secondary function of helping the community in some way, the about page is a great place to spotlight this and inform users how they can get involved. A great example of this is Patagonia who have dedicated its whole about page to their commitment to helping the environment. Here you can find their slogan “We’re in business to save our home planet”

About Page for a Service Provider

(accountants, solicitors, therapists, consultants, etc)

In this section, you are giving users reassurance that you are the right company or person for the job. This can be done through the use of a bio on each key member of staff. Outlining the role of their position and what makes them qualified for that position. Many companies use bio’s as an opportunity to build relationships by giving some information on that person’s personal life. This can be done by mentioning interests outside of their field of work. An example of a service provider with an effective About Page is our own site, BeQuick Media & Web Design.

About Page for an E-Commerce Site Selling Products

In this section, you should be giving a history of your brand and/or your product. Give the history of how you got involved in making the products or the history of your business selling your products. You should also inform the users of the value your products can add over competitors or substitutes. An example of an eCommerce store with an effective about page is BabyDoll Cosmetics


We hope you found this article useful and we hope you the best of luck in creating the ultimate digital presence. Over the next couple of weeks, we’l be releasing a number of content creation guides for our clients!

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