Does web design affect my SEO?

The design of your website does affect your web rankings, with a number of factors to consider. The user experience, conversion rates, Original content, and mobile optimization are some key areas to consider when developing your website.

We will outline these key areas in this article and discuss how to implement them. 

How to improve the user experience on my website?

When determining web rankings, Google takes into consideration how the user behaves on your website. The ultimate goal of a user logging onto your website is to convert that user into a customer or subscriber. 

Google is able to track your bounce rate. If Google sees that your website has a lot of traffic to your homepage that doesn’t flow to another page, this indicates that your content is either not relevant or of a low quality. Google then knows that users don’t want to see your content and your web ranking will drop for the search term that brought those users to your site. 

On the flipside, if Google sees that users are flowing through your site and converting, this shows your content is relevant and either answers the question you had or you were able to provide the correct product/service.

Best practice for user experience considers 3 clicks to be the max amount of clicks a user should need to convert. Any more than 3 and you should review your website navigation and see where improvements can be made.

If you want to measure your business conversion rates, you can do so with the free Google Analytics tool.

What is a website conversion?

A conversion refers to the act of influencing a user to reach the end goal of your website. For an e-commerce website, a conversion is selling a product available on your website. However, not all websites sell products. A conversion can also be having a user fill out your call back request box, fill out a questionnaire, or make a subscription. 

In other words, a conversion is creating a “call to action”, which is completed by the user. A high conversion rate shows google that your website was the correct search result for the users’ search terms.

 why is original content important in web rankings?

When producing the content for your website using original images, video and text can greatly improve your web rankings.

A blog is the most common tool used by websites to provide fresh and regular content. Text content makes adding key search terms to your website very easy. Using tools such as Semrush (our favorite SEO tool here at BeQuick) will help you find relevant search terms. 

While video content can be difficult and time-consuming, having engaging video content can be a great tool. Google is able to see how many users watch your video content the full way through and assess the credibility of your content this way.

It is important to not copy content from other websites. If Google detects duplicate content, your page will be flagged and not rank for relevant search terms.

Does mobile optimization play a role in SEO?

Over half of all web traffic is via mobile. If your website is not mobile-friendly, over half of the web users are not going to find your website valuable so google is naturally going to penalize your website for this.

Need help developing an SEO-friendly website?

If you are looking for help developing an SEO-friendly website why not get in touch with BeQuick Media, you can help with our conversion rates by filling out the call to action below. We would love to hear from you and see what improvements can be made to your SEO strategy.