You may be wondering what Boris Johnson could possibly have to do with Search Engine Optimisation. Well he has been using SEO as a way to sweep his controversial statements under the rug for years. 

If you follow British politics or not, you have probably heard some of the foolish statements and photo ops he has made since his early days in politics.

Now to make it clear, we don’t want to give this man too much credit. This clever tactic is only needed because of the mistakes he has made and continues to make on a near monthly basis.

What is SEO and how is it used by politicians?

SEO or Search Engine optimisation is how websites optimise their websites for search results. 

The trustworthiness of a website has a big factor in what websites rank for particular search terms. As news websites usually have very high Domain Scores, so they generally rank high for relevant searches. 

SEO also takes the date into consideration. Google wants to give you up to date and relevant search results. 

These 2 factors make it very easy for a political figure to cover up a story they want the public to forget about. 

Now that we understand what SEO is and how it can be used, let’s discuss Boris Johnson has been using the media as his toy.  

Why does Boris Johnson love the word model?

Boris has been making headlines frequently with the word model. Is there a reason for this? Well we first have to ask ourselves some questions.

Boris Johnson has made it clear that his favourite hobby is making model buses out of old wine boxes. Does he actually just love making old wine boxes into model buses as much as he claims? 

Boris Johnson has made multiple references to being the model of restraint. Does he really care about being a model of restraint? To be honest we aren’t even sure what that means. 

Maybe these 2 statements are true but they sure have changed Google search results for the search term “Boris Johnson model”. 

Why would Boris Johnson make such an effort to change the search results for “Boris Johnson model”? What could he be hiding? 

Boris Johnson had an alleged affair back in 2012 with former model and business woman Jennifer Arcuri. This relationship also had involved a corruption scandal where he granted her tech company massive government contracts. 

By consistently making news headlines with the word model in the headline, Boris Johnson has been able to replace search results about this 2012 scandal with fresh and new content that humanises him and makes him appear to be fun and silly.

Borris Johnson speaking with the police

Back in 2019 Boris Johnson again made headlines for all the wrong reasons. This time the police were involved. 

Reports circled the web about a police call to the house of at the time MP Boris Johnson for alleged domestic abuse. This was called in by a neighbour who had overheard the argument.

You may already see where this one is going. And you would be right. 

Not long after news of the alleged domestic abuse scandal came out, Borris Johnson attempted to give comic relief at a police press conference to try and make headlines that would be shown when searching “Boris Johnson police”.

Again in this new headline, Boris Johnson seemed to be silly and harmless and distracted from the real issue at hand. 

Unfortunately for good old Boris, this didn’t last for long as the police investigation into the 10 Downing street part took over not long after. 

This still didn’t stop him from trying to steal headlines with the famous picture where he is in full police uniform. However, at the time of writing the Scotland Yard investigation into the party still claims the top spot for “Boris Johnson police”.

More examples

These are only 2 examples of Boris Johnson cheating Google. He has been doing this his whole career and will continue to do so. 

He is not the only political figure to do this. This tactic is used around the world by politicians who have a controversy they are trying to hide. 

Another famous example of these politicians using SEO to their advantage is when Donald Trump famously ate taco bell to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. Many people considered it nothing more than an attempt at comic relief. 

What many people fail to realise is that even to this day if you search “Donald Trump mexico”, This is the first image result. 

How to rank on Google like Boris Johnson

Covering up bad press shouldnt be the only reason you need SEO. If you want to be found on Google you need to have SEO as a part of your Digital Marketing strategy. 

If you want to learn more about how SEO can help your business, get in touch with BeQuick Media for a free consultation.