What is the Trading Online Voucher 

The Trading Online Voucher is a grant commissioned by the Local Enterprise Office to help businesses set up or improve their online presence. 50% of your web development cost will be covered under the grant up to €5,000. 

Is the second voucher still available? 

There was a second grant available for those who used the grant and were looking to make further improvements to their site and for Digital Marketing. However, this grant is no longer available. 

Am I eligible for the Trading Online Voucher? 

Requirements to be made eligible for this grant are as follows: 

Over 6 months trading.
Under 10 members of staff.
→ Under €2 Million in annual revenue.
→ Can not be a government agency / not-for-profit organization/media company.

Trading Online Voucher requirements

As long as you do not fall under the list of excluded industries and meet the above criteria, you should be eligible for the grant. A list of excluded industries can be found by clicking here

What can be done to my website using the Trading Online Voucher? 

The TOV grant can be used for all needed aspects of your web development and e-commerce system. 30% of the available €2,500 can be used on digital marketing. This can be spent on google ads, SEO, and any marketing content needed for the website. 

The Grant also requires there to be an e-commerce system included in the new or improved website. For the service industry, a simple payment facility will suffice. 

Was the Trading Online Voucher bigger? 

To the dismay of many of you, the TOV actually covered 90% of your web development cost back in 2020 but changed to 50% in January 2021.

How to apply?

Begin your application process for the TOV grant by making an inquiry below. A member of our team will be in touch to talk you through the process and get you set up with your application today!