When it comes to generating business for your business, finding interested clients is perhaps the trickiest task especially if you are not trained in digital marketing. In this article we will focus on Solicitors and Financial Advisors and discuss the most effective ways for them to generate high quality leads. 

SEO v Google v Social ads for professional services

Let’s first start off by discussing the most common and well known forms of generating business online. SEO, Google ads and Social ads are used in nearly all successful digital marketing strategies no matter the industry.

Does SEO work for professional services

Lead generating through SEO should be a part of every professional’s digital marketing strategy. This statement is especially true for solicitors and the reason is very straightforward. For example, If you feel like you are entitled to make a claim for personal injury, the first thing you are going to do is go to google and look up something similar to “Personal Injury solicitors in my area”. Chances are when you make this search you will not be leaving the first page of google. 

Being in the first page of results is going to be very important for any service that has a sense of urgency of when the need has to be met. 

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Social media ads for professional services

Lead generation through Social media ads are also very important for professional services digital marketing strategy. Social ads are very effective to inform social media users of your service who may not have been aware before. This is very effective for any service that doesn’t have any sense of urgency. The main benefit here is capturing a market share otherwise wouldn’t have known about or thought of using your service. 

An example of this would be someone not being aware of the scheme that allows you to buy property using their pension. Seeing an ad related to this topic may bring that user to your website who may then be converted to a client.

Google Ads for professional services

Google ads are very effective for promoting your business online during promotional events or times when you are making a push for more clients. However, the issue with google ads is that once you stop your google ad campaign, your website growth will stop with it. Unlike SEO where results will remain after you stop working on it. 

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What is the most effective way to generate leads for professional services? 

PPL can be the most effective way to generate clients for both B2B and B2C when done right. PPL allows professionals to stick to what they are good at i.e being a financial advisor or a solicitor. Time you spend generating clients is time that could have been spent on your niche.

Let’s discuss how PPL can work for a number of industries.

Lead generation for Financial advisors

Pay Per Lead (PPL) Generation is the most efficient way for professional services when done right. There are a lot of Lead Generation companies that consider any inquiry a lead.

What makes BeQuick Media a leading Lead Generation company in Dublin, is the extent to which we qualify our inquiries before we consider them a lead. 

To be considered as a High Quality lead that inquiry must have intent to become a client as well as the necessary means to make their business worthwhile for the party paying for that lead. The reason for rigorous screening is to make sure that every lead has the potential to convert. 

Pay per lead for Financial Services 

If you are a Financial Advisor chances are you have tried PPL at some point in your career and chances are you weren’t happy with the results. The probable reason for this was most likely due to the level to which the provider qualified their leads. 

Pay per lead for Solicitors 

The biggest issue for Solicitors when conducting PPL is the risk of Lead Farming. Lead farming probits solicitors to be able to directly pay for leads. However, there are ways for systems to be set up that have been cleared by the law society of Ireland. The number one way of being able to conduct PPL as a solicitor is to set up a dedicated brand for the area of law you want to generate leads for. 

 Add PPL to your digital  marketing strategy 

If you are interested in adding PPL to your digital marketing strategy and are looking to work with one of the top lead generating companies in Ireland, drop an inquiry below. 

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