High Value Personal Injury Appointments

A steady stream of personal injury claim enquiries for your firm in 2021/22

How does it work?

Most law firms and solicitors are general practitioners. This is because they have an existing client base who expect their solicitor to help them with any and all legal requirements they have.

Different people seek legal advice for different reasons. That’s why it’s near impossible for solicitors to focus on niche-customer segments without excluding hundreds of potential clients.

Through our online consumer brands, each tailored to different consumers (and legal products), we bridge the gap between the customer and the solicitor.

This supplies our solicitor partners with a steady stream of niche enquiries that runs in parallel to their normal firm operations.

How does it work?

Niche Legal Enquiries

Let’s take our most common customer enquiry, the Personal Injury Enquiry.

People injured in an accident are typically eligible for compensation. They are more concerned with their claim than with the provider.

Our unique approach (shown to clients in our demo) allows us to take information about incident, symptoms, damage caused, location and contact information. We focus on the claim, not the company providing the claim. This is our secret sauce.

Custom CRM & Automations

There’s no question that process bottlenecks are the biggest problem when dealing with large lead volumes. We have experience working with factory-firms (a.k.a Claim Factories) in the UK, where they manage large sales teams through our CRM & Automation software.

When we work with a partner law firm, we develop a custom CRM to help manage the incoming enquiries. This maximises the value of each enquiry which means more profit for our partner firms.

What is my expected return?

In 2020, our top clients closed 1/8 enquiries into cases on average. This gives them a €800 case acquisition cost.

The value of these cases to the firm vary wildly, but we typically agree c. €5,000 in fees is typical.

How do I start?

1. The first step is to open a dialog with Darragh (darragh@bq.ie)

2. We will either travel to meet with your firm, or present a zoom demonstration

3. After the demo, James will send across a proposal outlining the core components of the strategy

4. Once you are ready to move ahead, we will finalise timeline and deliverables based on the current queue of work

Who do we work with?

  • Sole practitioners
  • General practices
  • Dedicated Personal Injury practices
  • Larger firms scaling their P.I. dept.

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