Introduction to SEO and Google Ads

Every website looking to be found online has to make the decision whether they want to focus on SEO or Google ads. Both have their pros and cons and everyone’s situation is different. That is why creating a digital marketing strategy is very important to any business. 

While some websites get better results from SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and others Google ads, we find a combination of both is the most effective strategy. 


Advantages of SEO over Google ads

SEO is a long-term solution. You will not get any overnight success or even after a month. This can be a deterrent as it can seem like a sunk cost for the first 6 months. 

When you stop conducting SEO work on your site you will still benefit from the work put in and web rankings you have secured. While with Google Ads on the other hand, as soon as you stop, so does your success. However, for best results, it is advised to have a consistent, ongoing SEO strategy

Advantages of Google ads over SEO

Google Ads are a quick solution that works right away. If you are looking to promote your e-commerce website in the run-up to Christmas, you can do so days before you wish to begin your Google ad campaign. With SEO you would have had to start preparation nearly a year (or years) in advance. 

A huge advantage of Google Ads is that they appear above SEO results in Google searches. With nearly half of online users not being able to identify Google Ad results as paid-for ads.

How much does an SEO campaign cost?

While you can directly pay Google for improved SEO results, you can solicit the services of a Digital Marketing Agency that will develop an SEO strategy for you. View the BeQuick Media SEO package and view our rates by clicking here.

How much does a Google ad campaign cost?

The cost of a Google Ads campaign really depends on how competitive your market is. A great tool that Google Ads has is the ability to set a daily ad budget. This helps give a clear indication of how much of a budget is needed.

The cost of Google Ads depend heavily on your industry. We help clients who pay €0.21 per click while others €5 per click. Our average cost per click comes out to €1.22.

Do SEO and Google Ads affect each other?

SEO and Google Ads don’t affect each other in any way. However, we would recommend to all our clients to have a Google Ad campaign and SEO strategy running alongside each other to secure maximum results.

How to implement SEO and Google Ads in a Digital Marketing Strategy?

There are a lot of online resources that will help you understand both SEO and Google Ads. However, it can be easy to make mistakes that will negatively impact your SEO and website. 

Common SEO mistakes include poor keyword research, using too many SEO plugins, and ignoring website performance. 

These mistakes can be easy to make. That is why we always recommend using an SEO expert to conduct and implement SEO strategies


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