“People are searching for a business like yours online, they’re not your customers yet, but they will be somebody’s”
– James Dorrian, Partner BeQuick


The daily commitments of a modern-day solicitor are enormous, between back-office work, clients management, managing your team, increasing sales or going to court. Finding time for any non-essential tasks (like your website) can feel impossible. 

Growth & Value

We specialize in creating strong online strategies for law firms in the UK & Ireland. Typically, our clients are firms with 5+ practising solicitors. 

Our systematic approach to growing your online presence won’t break the bank, and more importantly, won’t take up too much of your time on a monthly basis.

“Our primary objective is to get your business found online by potential customers, consistently each and every month”
– Aimee Whelan, SEO Senior Strategist

Management Package

1. Solicitor Web Design

We help firms build and manage their website. A good solicitor website should clearly illustrate the services on offer, showcase the team and encourage potential clients to make contact with the firm.

SEO optimisation, mobile responsiveness and page load speeds are also important considerations.

2. SEO & Content Management

Creating useful content for your website is essential to make sure your website ranks for a variety of search terms. Our team will suggest article titles, so your team can develop this content. Once your team have produced the content, our team review, optimise and post the article to your website.

This strategy helps focus your team on the content and leaves the strategy and technical work to us.

3. Social Media Management

Social Media for solicitors can often be impractical, with the content often lacking the required virality to succeed in the digital world of likes and shares. Our primary focus is to keep the information up-to-date and accurate, and maintain regular activity.

The BeQuick API automatically posts articles and updates from your website through to all your social channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter).

4. Google Maps

Google maps are becoming more and more important as time goes on. Unlike Google Search, maps have a clear sense of locality and are often called “local SEO”. Many people now consider Maps to be as important, if not more important than Google Search.

In fig. 1, we have searched “Dublin Solicitors”, the first results are Google Ads (blue box), the next results are Google Maps (red box), and finally, we have google search results. Maps now outrank normal SEO in Google Search. 

What’s involved in Google Maps Management?

  • 2x unique posts/mo

  • Citation building

  • Backlink & Directory Additions

  • Ongoing traffic & keyword analysis

  • Review management 

  • Content optimisation

Fig. 1 – Google Search Results

5. Reporting

Tracking your progress on a monthly basis is the key to making sure you are consistently improving your online presence. Each month, we provide a number of key metrics so you understand your progress, and we can make informed decisions for the next month. 

We track the following metrics in your result report:

  • Keyword rankings in Google Maps

  • Keyword rankings in Google Search

  • Monthly website traffic

  • Monthly website conversions

By tracking these key metrics, we gain a fuller understanding of how we’re performing on a monthly basis and can set goals and plan for the months ahead. 

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    What Our Clients Say

    Sinnott Solicitors

    “I have found BeQuick Media to be an excellent company to deal with. Their response times are exceptionally fast. They provide excellent advice and a willingness to work with us on every aspect of our business. very highly recommended.”
    – Carol Sinnott, Senior Partner, Sinnott Solicitors

    Sinnott Solicitors Web Design preview

    Medical Negligence Team

    “BeQuick developed our conversion website, Google Adwords strategy and handle our ongoing Adwords campaign management. They are an exceptional business and James is always proactively looking at new ideas to enhance campaign performance. They know the business inside out and would highly recommend them to anyone.”
    – Andrew Hogan, M.D. Medical Negligence Team 

    James Dorrian Solicitor Marketing and Website Design

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