Website content plays a huge factor in your online success and is a very important stage in the web development process. It gives both your users and google more context on what you do. In this article we will discuss the different types of content you should be considering, why content is important and things you should avoid. 

Content keeps users on your website for longer and improves the likelihood of having the pass to the next stage of the sales pipeline. 

For your brick and mortar location cash might be king, but for your website content is king.

Types of website content

There are many content types available for your website including: 

Text Content

Blogs & pages.


Business summary, product showcases and informational videos.


Gallery’s on pages & blogs.


Podcasts & audio files for long text.

Website text content

Text content is the simplest way to add content to your website and is used by basically every website on the internet. Website text is very important because it is how google is able to add context to your website. 

Google understands that BeQuick Media is a digital marketing agency because of the amount of times terms such as Web design and digital marketing are used. 

This is done by Google bots who scan or crawl every page on every website on the internet in order to gain context and figure out what the relevant search results are. 

Apart from the obvious places you would see text on a website (home, about and services pages), blogs are a great way to include more text. Blogs can showcase to your potential clients that you have an in-depth understanding of the nature of your business. 

Video content

Video content is not as popular as it should be among small businesses as it can be costly and require some technical ability. However, it can be very effective for both giving information and web rankings. 

Each play of a video on your website is considered an engagement which will show google that your website gave users the information they were looking for. Further ranking boosts are given if users watch the entire video. 

Videos are rarely actually uploaded to a website as they take up a lot of server space and slow down the site. What most websites do instead is upload videos to Youtube or Vimeo and have them embedded onto the website. 

Image content

Image content is the second most important type of content after text content and for obvious reasons. If you can’t see a product or service, you don’t have much to base the quality off.  

Images are also used to catch the eye of the user. Content is meant to keep users on your website for longer and scrolling through pages. Having high quality images can greatly improve screen time on the site. 

Infographics are a great way to fill your site with images that stand out. If your infographics are good enough, they may also be shared on other websites and social media.

Audio content

Audio of text

Audio content is rare to see on websites but is becoming more popular. This is partly due to AI technology being able to read content out loud. 

Many big blogs and news publications have an option for an AI generated voice recording of their content. Many website users may be visually impaired, multi-tasking or just prefer not to read.

Having an audio version of your text may convert these users who otherwise would have backed right out of your site. Especially for large bodies of text.


Podcasts are rare to see on a business website but can be used to show expertise in a topic. Podcast descriptions are an effective way to increase your search terms on your site.

We would only recommend podcasts to anyone who has a passion for their industry and is already interested in starting a podcast. This is because many businesses aren’t interesting enough to have people listen to a podcast on.

Things to avoid when producing website content

Duplicate content

When producing content for your website it is very important you don’t steal content from other sites. If Google picks up you using content from another website, they will flag that page and block it from appearing in any search results. 

It will also have an impact on the overall trustworthiness of your website and can affect rankings for other pages. 

Not all duplicate content is stolen from other websites. You may also have duplicate or “appreciably similar” content on your own site. 

The issue with duplicating your own content is that google doesn’t know what to rank higher or which one is more relevant.

Don’t let content go out of date

It is important to keep your content upto date and fresh. We recommend doing a content audit every year to see there is no outdated content on your website. 

Outdated content may include discussing a topic that is no longer relevant or has been changed. For example if you are discussing legal matters, laws may change or update. 

Having this out of date content is bad for your web rankings and may make a bad impression on website users. 

The links used in your content also need to be checked. If you have any links in your content that no longer work, these should be replaced with new relevant links

Avoid keyword stuffing

Keywords stuffing is when you force your search terms into your content in a way that is unnatural. 

This is often referred to as black hat SEO and was a popular way of cheating the system in the early days of Google. However, Google has come a long way since then and can pick up on unnatural styles. 

Where to come up with website content ideas

Study the competition

If you are struggling to come up with content ideas for your website, look at what your leading online competitors are doing. Chances are they have done the same and have chosen topics they think will help them generate more traffic to their website. 

As mentioned before duplicate content will have a negative impact on your site, so only use their content as inspiration and guidance. Take the topics and not the content.

Online tools

There are online tools that help you generate content ideas based on your chosen search terms. 

Using AI technology they are able to scan the web to see other content pieces that use your same search terms and give you similar suggestions. 

If you are struggling to write content there are also AI tools that can write content. They aren’t perfect and require editing, but are a great time saving way to get a first draft.

Looking to improve your website content

If you have a website that is outdated and needs updated and fresh content, Get in touch with BeQuick Media below. 

There may also be grants available to financially help with your website development, such as the TOV grant (Trading Online Voucher). This is a grant offered from the Local Enterprise Office for small businesses looking to become competitive online.

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