In Web Design, before you choose the colours that will be used in the design of your website there are a few things you should think about. Humans are programmed to associate colours with different feelings and emotions. A colour scheme isn’t going to make or break your business but it can help to stand out from your competition as well as maximising lead conversions. 

Colour schemes may not be a top priority when developing your business but it is a key factor in developing an effective brand. The following article is going to give you an indication of what color may best suit your website and brand. 

Cold and Warm

Firstly, there are a number of ways to categorize colours. Perhaps the simplest way to do this is by splitting them into warm and cold colours. Warm colours are made up of red, orange, and yellow. Warm colours are known for evoking the feeling of happiness, excitement, and energy and are great for capturing the eye’s attention. However, warm colors can also be associated with danger and fear. 

On the opposing side of the spectrum, you can find cold colours. This category is made up of blue, green, and purple. These colors are commonly used to relax and calm people. Cold colour schemes are commonly used by businesses that want to portray trust and professionalism. 

How colors make you feel

We will now dive into each color and discuss what emotions feelings they create and the best corresponding colour. This can help you in choosing a colour scheme that will best suit your website design.

Red:  (Urgent, hunger, love)

Red is commonly used in web design in the food and drink industry. It is the warmest colour and is great for attracting attention and creating a sense of urgency. As a result, it is the main colour for some of the world’s largest brands. 

It is famously used by McDonald’s as it has been shown to provoke the feeling of hunger. Other food and beverage companies that heavily use red are coca-cola, KFC, Burger King, Supermax

Red is also the colour of love, rage, and power. Examples of red in love is very prominent with symbols of love, love hearts and roses are an example of this. Likewise, when you think of rage you think of someone’s face going red with anger. 

Red being used to evoke the image of power, passion, danger and urgency is also very clear throughout human history. From Trump’s red tie to the red fist of the USSR and most notably the swastika. These are all examples of the use of red to create a sense of power over a group of people.

Examples of Irish websites that use red as a primary colour are Supermacs and Supervalu.  

Blue: (Profesional, calm, masculine)

Blue is also a very commonly used colour in many large businesses. This is mainly due to its ability to portray professionalism, trustworthiness, calmness, and productivity. When you think of blue your mind will usually jump to a blue sky or blue water which gives us a sense of calmness. 

Notable companies that use blue as their primary colour are Facebook, Skype, Ford, Visa, Intel, PayPal, IMB. These are all businesses that rely on their professionalism and trust and use blue to aid in creating this brand image. 

Blue is a masculine colour and preferred by men. This is most notably shown for gender reveals with blue being associated with the birth of a boy.

Blue is also associated with the ocean or water. As a result, blue creates a sense of calmness. 

Examples of Irish website designs that use blue as a primary colour include P.A Dorrian and Tipperary water.  

Green: (Eco, Money, Ireland)

Green is often associated with being environmentally friendly. An example of a business that uses green to indicate that they are an environmentally conscious business is The beyond Meat website.  

For many businesses trading globally many wish to use being Irish as a part of their brand identity. Green is the colour of Ireland and there are brands that use green on their websites to effectively portray this. Ireland is beloved all around the world which means using green Imagery for an Irish company creates a higher level of trust between the brand and the consumer. An example of this is The Claddagh Company and The Single Malt Shop

White: ( White space, Clarity) 

In web design white is very important and using white space gives your website the illusion of open space and unclutters the website. Having whitespace puts a spotlight on important content and is a great tool for converting leads. 

For professional services website design, where communication is the most valuable aspect of your website, white space is very important. White space helps you spotlight what is important and that’s the text information being displayed. 

P.A Dorrian and Sinnot Solicitors are great examples of sites BeQuick Media have developed with a focus on creating white space to highlight important text information. 


From this article, you should now have a better understanding of what options you have when developing your brand identity and how this can be used in web design. If you wish to book a consultation to discuss what BeQuick Media can do for you, drop us a message below. 

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